Collaborative project

Final post about the collaboration project

My impression of working in a virtual team has been a good one.

According to a piece originally published the The Wall Street Journal: CIO Journal on October 24, 2013 by Mary Hamilton, Alex Kass and Allan E. Alter:

“Collaboration technology is like the Olympic competitor with a slew of silver medals: a high achiever that has yet to achieve its highest aspirations”.

So as technology improves, benefits from these tools increases as well.

The most valuable things I learnt from doing this project

Lots of asynchronous communication which I expected because of time zones but I was prepared for at least one real time/synchronous communication which didn’t happen. I liked the flexibility asynchronous communication afforded me but I like immediacy more closely aligned with a face-to-face.

Another thing I learnt is that most important collaboration was in the idea generating phase, not so much in the solution phase.

New skills I developed during the course of the project.
I have learnt how to adjust to indirect interpersonal interaction. There are some awkwardness involved which I had to adjust to.

I learnt to give & receive constructive feedback without feeling bad about it.

Leadership structure in my team and an evaluation of how effective the team leadership was

Michael took the leadership role and I facilitated discussion. The interesting aspect is we didn’t assign the roles, it came about naturally and it worked. Organizational leadership became self-managing, and thus more adaptive and agile to circumstances.

Things I would do differently in future projects

Definitely find time for at least one synchronous or face-to-face communication.


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