End Is Nigh For RoboHelp?

I have heard of Madcap software before now, but I have never used it. For me, my experience using Madcap flare solidify in my mind at least that RoboHelp is dying a slow death.

There have been transitions before, such as RTF to HTML in the late 90s. Then RoboHelp followed suit and changed with the times. Having used Madcap and RoboHelp back-to-back for comparison, I feel RoboHelp is way behind the curve and it has stagnated. I still like RoboHelp don’t get me wrong but I get the sense it has been upstaged by newer help authoring tools such as ePublisher Professional (ePub), AuthorIT.

Going forward, I will decide what help authoring tool to adopt based on these criteria:

Mental model
Technical ease of use
Vendor Criteria

Not yet ready to pass a judgment yet on Madcap, we shall see


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